Conceptions of Personhood and Their Limits Inter/Transcultural Explorations

12 05 2011


Conceptions of Personhood and Their Limits

Inter/Transcultural Explorations

July 18, 2011 – July 19, 2011

Tagungsraum, Neues Seminargebäude Universität zu Köln

In cooperation with:

Philosophy Department, University of Mumbai

Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Philosophie (GIP)

Prof. Dr. Claudia Bickmann, Philosophisches Seminar der Universität zu Köln

Prof. Dr. Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach, Fachbereich Philosophie, Universität Konstanz

The concept of personhood is pivotal to many philosophical debates and has been extensively explored from many perspectives. However, a cross-cultural philosophical examination of the issues at stake still has a long way to go. In an attempt to fill up this lacuna, this conference seeks to bring together philosophical positions from the Asian and European context. Given that the close relation between the descriptive and normative dimensions of personhood has played a vital role in the trajectory of this concept, the conference will take this aspect as its point of departure. Without privileging a particular metaphysical or epistemic standpoint, it will focus on those views in both the traditions which attempt to link up these dimensions. Furthermore, the reconstruction of individual positions will emphasize whether and how these positions can be implemented to advance cross-cultural deliberations on personhood.

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