Ethical and Moral Aspects of Naturalising the Mind

12 05 2011


Conference “Ethical and Moral Aspects of Naturalising the Mind”, Siena,

7-8 June 2011

Presentation of the Conference

The attempts in philosophy of mind and in the empirical sciences of the

last decades to naturalise the mind, with some delay, have had their

impacts on ethics too: We witness experiments in neuroethics to find the

neurophysiological bases of moral judgement and action; the

neurophysiological (and psychological) findings on the causes of actions

have initiated debates about our freedom of will and responsibility; and

the interventions in the brain have given birth to a neuroethics of such

interventions. These developments go along with a general strengthening of

the efforts to study the empirical bases of morals, apart from the

physiological also the evolutionary, the psychological and the cognitive

bases. This again has provoked debates about the role and the use of such

empirical findings in ethics.

The conference is intended to take up these developments and to continue

the respective research. Among the questions to be discussed during the

conference will be the following:

– moral and civil responsibility, in particular considering the

(quasi-)determination or naturalisation of the mind;

– freedom of decision;

– the „mechanisms“ and motivs of moral decisions;

– neurophysiology and neuropsychology of morals;

– the normative significance of neurophysiological and neurophysiological

findings for ethics;

– ethics of surgical or pharmaceutical interventions in the brain.

For FURTHER INFORMATION please visit the website .

Attendance of the conference is free and everybody interested is welcome.

But if you intend to attend the conference, for logistic reasons please

register on the conference website: .

Organizer: Christoph Lumer, University of Siena

This conference is the second of the two concluding conferences of the PRIN (Research Project of National Interest) “Philosophy and the

Naturalisation of the Mind. New Perspectives on Consciousness and Human

Nature”, under the general direction of Sandro Nannini, University of

Siena. The first concluding conference, „Can the Mind be Naturalized?“,

organised by Sandro Nanini, will be held on 16-18 May 2011 also in Siena.

Quelle: DGPhil-Verteiler




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