Forward-Looking Collective Responsibility

12 05 2011

Call for Papers

Workshop: „Forward-Looking Collective Responsibility“

at the Manchester Workshops in Political Theory 2011

Date: August 31-September 2nd 2011, University of Manchester

Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 31, 2011

Most of the discussion about collective responsibility is

focused on backward-looking or retrospective responsibility of

collectives for what they have done or brought about. By contrast,

relatively little attention is paid to the idea that collectives such

as states, nations, corporations, segments of society, or random

collections of people might have forward-looking or prospective

responsibility to perform actions from now on. This workshop invites

papers that discuss this idea of forward-looking collective

responsibility, as well as the related ideas of collective obligations

(what collectives are obliged to do) and collective oughts (what

collectives ought to do).

For more details and for submitting an abstract, see

Quelle: DGPhil-Verteiler




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