Levels and Causation in Neuroscience

11 06 2011

Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Delmenhorst, Germany

July 21-22, 2011

Mechanistic accounts of neuroscientific explanation have received growing attention during the past years. According to this pragmatic approach, neuroscientific explanations integrate processes at different levels and involve higher-level and cross-level causal relations. The mechanistic account is therefore often supplemented by the interventionist theory of causation, which allows for higher-level as well as cross-level causal relations. This workshop seeks answers to the following key questions: (1) In what sense does research and explanation in neuroscience involve several distinct levels? (2) How should we understand higher- and cross-level causation in neuroscience? The aim of the workshop is to open new prospects for an encompassing theory of neuroscientific explanation that will take into account both scientific practice and the most recent philosophical developments.


Keynote speakers:

William Bechtel (San Diego)

James Woodward (Pittsburgh)


Invited speakers:

Michael Baumgartner (Konstanz)

Daniel Brooks (Bielefeld)

John Campbell (Berkeley)

Markus Eronen (Bochum)

Jens Harbecke (Jerusalem)

Huib Looren de Jong (Amsterdam)

Vera Hoffmann-Kolss (Osnabrück)

Lena Kästner (Bochum)

Jaakko Kuorikoski (Helsinki)

Robert Richardson (Cincinnati)

Raphael van Riel (Bochum)


Organization: Markus Eronen and Vera Hoffmann-Kolss in collaboration with the research group of Albert Newen (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) and the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg.


If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Markus.Eronen@rub.de before June 28. The number of participants is limited and there is a registration fee of 60 e, which includes lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks.


For updates and further information see the workshop web page at:


Quelle: DGPhil






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