2nd Berlin Conference on Meta-Epistemology 2011 „Social Epistemology“

31 07 2011

September 1st-3rd, 2011Technische Universität Berlin


For approximately twenty years social epistemology has been a vibrant field in epistemology. But what exactly is social epistemology? How should we conceive of it? Which problems are pursued in it and what are its prospects for further development? These questions delineate the large field of the first section of the Conference on Meta-Epistemology.The second section deals with the social space of reasons. What is social-epistemic scorekeeping? Are there special connections between certain forms of knowledge and sociality?The third section focuses on the epistemology of testimony. What are significant features in the history of epistemology of testimony? What makes it reasonable to accept a piece of testimony? How is testimony related to epistemic trust?The fourth and final section is dedicated to the rather new and growing field of epistemology of disagreement. Why is disagreement in epistemology especially important? How should we cope with  disagreement in epistemology and what epistemological moral, can be drawn from it? – The conference is supposed to deliver some new and controversial answers to all these questions.


Speakers: Günter Abel, Axel Gelfert, Sanford Goldberg, Klemens Kappel, Dirk Koppelberg, Martin Kusch, Jennifer Lackey, David Löwenstein, Sebastian Rödl, Ernest Sosa, Stefan Tolksdorf, Markus Werning, Michael Williams.

For more information, please visit the conference website: www.wissensforschung.tu-berlin.de


Contact e-mail for registration: stefan_tolksdorf@yahoo.de; claudio.roller@tu-berlin.de


Organisation: Dirk Koppelberg and Stefan Tolksdorf in cooperation with the „Center for Knowledge-Reserach“ (IZW TU Berlin).

Quelle: DGPhil




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