Third Annual Dutch Conference on Practical Philosophy

23 08 2011







The Department of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam is pleased to host the

Third Annual Dutch Conference on Practical Philosophy

Amsterdam, October 14 and 15, 2011


Keynote Speakers:

Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill)


Philip Pettit (Princeton)



The Netherlands School for Research in Practical Philosophy (Onderzoekschool Ethiek) is a central meeting place for practical philosophers in the Netherlands and it warmly welcomes members as well as non-members to its third annual conference. The Annual Dutch Conference on Practical Philosophy brings together ethicists and political philosophers, as well as philosophers and researchers working in related fields, to present and discuss work in practical philosophy.



There will be two kinds of parallel sessions. Half of the sessions will be organized by the coordinators of the various seminars (werkgroepen) of the Netherlands School for Research in Practical Philosophy, and will focus on specific themes in practical philosophy, from diverse sub-fields such as environmental ethics, meta-ethics, business ethics, and medical ethics, and broaching a variety of topics from care and technology to immigration and justice. The other sessions will be devoted to papers received in response to the call for papers, and address different topics within practical philosophy (broadly conceived). Themes of these sessions include, among many others, human rights, moral motivation, collective responsibility, and political freedom. The final program will be available on the website by the beginning of September.




Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



EUR 175 (members), EUR 225 (non-members)

Ph.D. candidates: EUR 125 (members), EUR 150 (non-members)


You can now register online by going to


You can also book a hotel via this site. As the conference will begin at 1 pm on October 14, and end at 6 pm on October 15, most participants will probably want to make a reservation for only one night.



Organizing committee:

Beate Roessler

Robin Celikates

Gijs van Donselaar

Thomas Nys

Yolande Jansen

Bastiaan Hoorneman


Contact the organizing committee:


For information about registration, the conference venue, hotel booking and other practical questions, please contact the conference office:




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