XXIII. Welt-Kongresses für Philosophie

16 10 2011

Athen, Griechenland, 4.-10. August 2013



The World Congress of Philosophy provides a unique opportunity for  philosophers,

friends of philosophy and serious thinkers from all corners of the  world to meet, to put forth ideas, exchange points of view, to argue  and to present the fruits of their research to a unique and  distinguished academic audience. The Congress is an outstanding  cultural institution that serves as an international forum for  philosophical research, a meeting place for philosophical  collaborators and a place where new acquaintances are made and old  renewed; it is a place of reflection and brainstorming within a  relaxing environment; it seeks to contribute to the forging of  universal values that address the common human issues of our times; it  is a place where clarity is sought regarding the Socratic challenge  that reaches out to us even today, to old and young alike: ?how one  must live?? For this reason the Congress extends its heartfelt welcome  to old and young philosophizing thinkers and researchers, to those  with an established intellectual presence and to developing  intellectuals who aspire to

contribute to a better future for humankind.


For participation and for other information regarding the 23rd World  Congress of Philosophy you may download the relevant material (Forms  and Samples) from the Congress? website at http://www.wcp2013.gr.  Regarding participation you are kindly requested to first fill out the  Template Participation Form No 1 and to send it electronically to the  Congress? Secretariat at secretariat@wcp2013.gr.



Quelle: DGPhil





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