Raum und Zeit. Denkformen des Politischen bei Hannah Arendt Time and Space. On Hannah Arendt´s Modes of Political Thinking.

22 10 2011

10. und 11. November 2011


Universität Regensburg, Lehrstuhl für Politische Philosophie und Ideengeschichte


Ever since political scientists and philosophers started reading the works of Hannah Arendt, space has been regarded as one of the major components of her political theory. The concept of time as a mode of political thinking is usually rated as secondary to space ? still it also bears an importance that must not be underestimated. The conference aims to establish a balance between these two factors.


Hannah Arendt?s notion of public space provides a neat pattern for describing the peculiarities and hazards of the political. Nevertheless, an analysis of space alone cannot convey the complete picture of her concept of political action. It is only by the notion of time that Arendt involves further crucial elements. In order to exist, public space must rely on three dimensions of time: Past, present and future. First of all, the public space is rooted in the Here and Now, in the minuscule gap between past and future. Still: When acting in public space, persons are linked to the past by means of continuity of the narrative tradition. The web of stories, which thus emerges, ensures that public space will continue to be there in the future. Only in these processes, the political is furnished with its original form and contents. Without temporality, Arendt?s thought would have to be blind and empty.


Going back to this two-fold origin of Arendt?s political thought and connecting both renowned and emerging scholars of Arendt?s works, the conference intends to cast a new light on various aspects of her theory that have been hidden in the shadow so far. This approach might contribute to a reappraisal of both the dangers and the possibilities inherent in the political that Arendt?s thought brings to our minds in such a meaningful way.



Die Tagung findet in englischer und deutscher Sprache statt. Der Veranstalter bittet für beide Tage der Konferenz um Anmeldung (Mareike1.Gebhardt@politik.uni-regensburg.de).


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