Thinking ahead ? The Future of the Declaration of Helsinki

25 11 2011

The World Medical Association is pleased to invite proposals for papers for presentation at the satellite meeting

Thinking ahead ? The Future of the Declaration of Helsinki

Rotterdam, 26/6/2012, 9 am ? 4 pm, The Manhattan Hotel

The Declaration of Helsinki is one of the most important international ethical regulations of biomedical research. It has been revised several times since its adoption in Helsinki in 1964. As a ?living document?, it is continuously adapted to new developments and challenges in biomedical research. In 2011, the General Assembly of the World Medical Association decided to start a new process of revision. The WMA hence invites experts to share their views on the possible need for a revision of the Declaration of Helsinki at this satellite symposium. The WMA thereby wants to closely involve the bioethical science community in the ongoing discussion process of this upcoming revision.
The conference organizers welcome submissions from different disciplines, including ethics/philosophy, theology, the social sciences, law, public health, medicine and others. We particularly encourage submissions from early career researchers. In their abstracts, applicants are encouraged to refer to certain paragraphs of the Declaration of Helsinki and to their respective wording in the 2008 version (revised in Seoul). Topics may include, but should not be limited to:
– The legal and ethical status of the Declaration of Helsinki
– The ethical basis of the Declaration
– The DoH in relation to other regulations of biomedical research
– Strengths and weaknesses of the DoH
– Challenges created by new methodological and scientific developments in biomedical research.
– Challenges created by social and political developments and the globalization of biomedical research.
The abstracts should not exceed 500 words. Presentations should be short and not exceed 10 min. Please send abstracts by February 1st 2012
Please note that the World Medical Association will not be in a position to provide travel costs for accepted speakers.
Participants and speakers are asked to register via the following email
No fee will be charged. The number of participants is limited, early registration is recommended.


Quelle: DGPhil




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