cfp: European Society for Early Modern Philosophy Conference 2013 – 29.01-02.02.13, Grenoble

19 12 2011

Call for papers

European Society for Early Modern Philosophy Conference 2013

Debates, Polemics and Controversies in Early Modern Philosophy

Université de Grenoble, France, January 29th to February 2nd, 2013

Submission deadline: 30th of April 2012


The European Society for Early Modern Philosophy invites submission of papers for presentation at the ESEMP Conference 2013. The conference will be co-organised by the ESEMP, the Institut universitaire de France, the université de Grenoble, the université Lyon-III and the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (EA 3699, ED 487, UMR 5037). It will take place in Grenoble from the 30th of January (morning) until the 2nd of February (evening) 2013. The three key-notes speakers will be Maria Rosa Antognazza (London), Marcelo Dascal (Tel Aviv) and Ursula Goldenbaum (Emory, USA). There will also be invited speakers, including Igor Agostini (Lecce), Raphaële Andrault (Paris 8), Jean-Pascal Anfray (ENS, Paris), Delphine Bellis (Paris), Laura Berchielli (Clermont-Ferrand), Gabor Boros (Budapest), Marion Chottin (France), Sorana Coreneanu (Bucharest), Hannah Dawson (Edinburgh), Sabrina Ebbersmeyer (Munich), Daniel Heider (Budweis), Sarah Hutton (Aberystwith), Peter Kail (Oxford), Catherine Larrère (Paris 1), Vili Lätheenmäki (Helsinki), Christoph Lüthy (Nijmegen), Martine Pécharman (CNRS), Francesco Piro (Salerno), Margaret Schabas (Cambridge), Stephan Schmid (Berlin), Daniel Schwartz (Jerusalem), Jean Terrel (Bordeaux 3), Matteo Valleriani (Berlin), Koen Vermeir (Paris 7), Valtteri Viljanen (Turku) and Falk Wunderlich (Mainz).

The topic of the conference is Debates, Polemics and Controversies in Early Modern Philosophy. You will find attached the conference statement. You can also retrieve it here

In order to submit a paper, please send an abstract of about 1000 words to the President of the ESEMP, Your abstract will present not only the main arguments in the debate/polemic/controversy under study, but also make explicit the methodological approach that you have chosen and the specific domain to which your paper refers (for example, metaphysics; natural philosophy; epistemology and philosophy of mind; the sciences including medicine; moral philosophy; politics). Please use the PDF-file format for submission and render your text completely anonymous, allowing for blind refereeing.

Membership of the ESEMP is not compulsory to submit a paper. However, if you want to become a member of the ESEMP, please contact the Treasurer of the ESEMP,

The deadline for submissions of papers is 30th of April 2012. Papers will be selected by the board of the ESEMP (President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary), assisted by the organizers of the colloquia. We will consider submissions in the three official languages of the ESEMP (English, French and German) equally.

For each talk, there will be time for a 30-minute presentation, with about another 15 minutes for discussion. All accepted papers will be eligible in case of the publication of the proceedings.

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