Fellow Symposium 2012 „Perceiving Objects and Persons“ Bochum, February 29th 2012 14:00-17:30 lecture room GA 3/143

26 01 2012

The workshop will focus on social perception and its role for understanding other persons. Accounts of social perception claim that understanding what other agents are up to is at least sometimes a purely perceptual process. Do we perceive other agents as a special kind of object? Which role does social interaction play for social perception? When do we not just perceive others but put ourselves in their shoes? We will critically engage with recent accounts of social perception form an interdisciplinary perspective.
The Center of Mind, Brain & Cognitive Evolution at Ruhr-University Bochum invites everybody to participate in a mini-symposium with three of the Center’s fellows.

Please register by writing an email to Anna.Welpinghus (at) rub.de.


Quelle: DGPhil




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