Ausschreibung für Förderanträge: John Templeton Foundation

26 01 2012

As part of its spring open submission cycle, the John Templeton
Foundation welcomes online funding inquiries in the areas of
philosophy and theology.  The submission window is February 1 to April
16, 2012.  Proposed philosophical projects need not have religion or
theology as a focus.  To submit an online funding inquiry, please

Please note that the Templeton Foundation does not normally provide
dissertation fellowships through this open submission process.  For
more information on the kinds of projects that the Foundation can
support, visit:

A list of Foundation grants in the areas of philosophy and theology
can be found here:

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Workshop «Immigration, Integration and Membership» Ethik-Zentrum der Universität Zürich 24.-25.2.2012

26 01 2012

Organisation: Anna Goppel (Zürich) und Robin Celikates (Amsterdam)

mit Tariq Modood (Bristol), Christian Joppke (Bern), David Owen (Southampton), Sarah Fine (Cambridge), Arash Abizadeh (Montreal) u.a.

For a long time, immigration has not played any significant role in ethics and political philosophy. In the late 1980s and early 1990s this changed, though slowly and rather selectively. Many issues concerning the moral and political status as well as the rights and duties of immigrants within their new societies are still widely ignored. This also concerns the concepts presupposed by any adequate discussion of these issues, some of which have played a role within debates on multiculturalism but now seem to require reformulation – in the face of another wave of anti-immigrant populism in Europe.
At this workshop we will look both into specific claims and duties of immigrants and their new societies, respectively, and into the concepts that are fundamental to these discussions. This involves three strongly related aspects: (a) specific rights and duties; (b) integration, membership, and belonging; (c) multiculturalism. All these aspects will be addressed in their political, legal and cultural dimensions, from both a more philosophical and normative as well as a more sociological and empirical perspective.

See the attached program for details as well as

Please register by sending an email to:

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